Frequently asked questions

What else can I do to help kids in the pandemic?

You can support the amazing work that Barnardo's do by donating to their Covid 19 Crisis appeal here -

You can also help Oxford University's Co SPACE research into the mental health of kids and families by contributing to their survey here -

How much of my cash will you donate to Barnardo's?

Everyone who's worked on this book has volunteered their talents and time. So we are happy to be able to give 100% of the cost you pay directly to Barnardo's.

Why did you decide to do a book?

We wanted to create something that could make a difference - even if only a small one - in kids’ lives and help them manage the emotions they’re going through right now. And at the same time we know that some kids are struggling more than others. These are the kids Barnardo’s are working to help at the moment. So to create a book we would sell in aid of Barnardo’s was the perfect solution for us.